1. Rat’s general fortune in life

Those who was born in Rat year is very smart, they have ford, stand high and aim far, have ambition in mind, and eventually, they can obtain great achievement and wealth. Most of them will live a happy life.

2. Rat and the 5 elements

According to correspondence between zodiac and the 5 elements, there are five types of rats: metal rat, wood rat, water rat, fire rat, and earth rat.

(1) Metal Rat

People born in 1960 has the element of “metal” and was in rat year. Generally sixty years a cycle, that means the next metal rat will arrive at 2020, the rest may be deduced by analogy. such as 2080.2140 and so on.

According to the Traditional Zodiac, metal rat mostly gain great accomplishment through unremitting efforts. However few people who appear not steady enough because of frayed tempers and anxiety can only get small achievement. So if metal rat can overcome the faults of bad tempers and the strong possessive. they will be able to achieve great success.

Metal rat have a strong sense of self-consciousness, and extremely sensitive to the reaction of the outside word. Generally speaking, metal rat are excellent lobbyists and speech genius innate. Compared with other kinds, metal rat have a weak ability in deposit, although they are more focus on material life and fortune. On the contrary, they may willing to spend all the money in his pocket on a sudden impulse.

Metal rat are always become the focus in the eyes of others, easy to cause the attraction, they like lively atmosphere.

3. Rat’s marriage

4. Fortune in 2015

How to convert birth date of local time to Chinese lunar calendar

  1. First, turn your date of birth into the Gregorian calendar time in China

(1) In United States, we employ local time usually in our daily lives, but in China, they use universal time, Beijing time (GMT+8)

(2) United States stretch for six time zones from the West Fifth District to the west ten districts, each district corresponds to standard time. From east to west, there are Eastern Time (EST) (West Fifth time), Central Time (CST) (West six-time), Mountain Time (MST) (seven West-time) Pacific Time (Pacific Time) (PST ) (West eight-time), Alaska Time (AKST) (West Kowloon time) and Hawaii time (HST) (West ten time), in accordance with the law “East early than West”, each time decremented by one hour.

(3) Based on the above division, the Beijing time calculation rules are:

Eastern Time (EST) + 13 hours = Beijing time

Central Time (CST) + 14 hours = Beijing time

Mountain Time (MST) + 15 hours = Beijing time

Pacific Time (Pacific Time) (PST ) + 16 hours = Beijing time

Alaska Time (AKST) + 17 hours = Beijing time

Hawaii time (HST) + 18 hours = Beijing time


All the time need to subtract one hours if United State enter the Daylight saving time:


Eastern Time (EDT) + 12 hours = Beijing time

Central Time (CDT) + 13 hours = Beijing time

Mountain Time (MDT) + 14 hours = Beijing time

Pacific Time (Pacific Time) (PDT) + 15 hours = Beijing time

Alaska Time (AKDT) + 16 hours = Beijing time

Hawaii time (HDT) + 17 hours = Beijing time


  1. Then change your Beijing time to the Chinese lunar calendar time

According to time conversion tables of Chinese lunar, you can look up your Chinese Lunar time

Chinese lunar time-1

  • input you Beijing time (month and year)in the red box of the picture and find the exact day. Such as you Beijing time (Gregorian calendar time in China ) is Aug 13th,2015, marked as the picture.

Chinese lunar time-2

  • and then find your Chinese lunar calendar time in the red box of follow picture, your Chinese lunar calendar time is Jun 29th,2015.

Chinese lunar time-3

How to look up the Chinese pregnant predictor table-The Chinese pregnant predictor chart 2015

The Chinese pregnant predictor chart that originates in China in the Qing Dynasty, based on the Qing Dynasty perpetual chart, has come down to modern time. The Qing Dynasty perpetual chart, derive from the yin-yang and the 5-elments, based on the experience draw from the past, is a set of methods to predict fertility. Considered to be a mystery, the chart was specifically for the Qing emperors, princes, Empress to use, and received great results. Then, this chart spreads among people during the Republic of China period. Many folk prescription of predict boy or girl remedies have been popular among people during that time, such as “pH” and so saying, but the hottest one is “Qing gong table”(The Qing Dynasty perpetual chart). Some online forums rumors “Qing gong table” prediction accuracy is high, a lot of people used it to refer sex-selective pregnancy; but in real life, some people who are ready to have children also continue to go to the hospital to consult the authenticity of the matter.

How to look up the Chinese pregnant predictor chart to refer the sex-selective pregnancy:

The Chinese pregnant predictor chart is made up of two components: Horizontal and Vertical coordinates. The horizontal axis is the month of pregnancy, from January to December, the vertical axis is the age and year of birth of women, ranges from 1971-1998 year of birth, and the female age ranged from 18 to 45 years old, is Chinese virtual lunar age (ie the true age plus 1 year), however, the month of pregnancy that is the month of you Conceiving a child. (the Chinese pregnant predictor chart is in the virtual age algorithm, because the Chinese people in ancient times is very particular about filial piety and respect for the mother, so, the nine months of pregnancy, has been taken into account their ages, in order to thank his mother bearing the pain of the ten months for their own) the Chinese pregnant predictor chart (the Chinese pregnant predictor table) is as follows:

Chinese pregnant predictor chart

Chinese pregnant predictor chart

The B mark would stand for boy baby while the G would present the girl for the chart.

NOTE: the woman’s age should be China’s era, the Chinese virtual lunar age, and the pregnant month should also be Chinese lunar month.

here is the post of How to calculate your Chines lunar time(age or month or year)

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